Migration of PAWS

As you already know, PAWS will be migrating it’s contract! We are excited to do this in order to help PAWS reach it’s Full potential

4 Reasons we are Migrating

1. Ticker

One of the biggest issues we have run into is having people confuse PAWS(Animal Adoption Advocacy) with PAWS (Paws-fund). This leads people to sometimes invest in the wrong token and generates unnecessary confusion. We will be rebranding under a new ticker to remove any and all confusion

2. Decimal Places

We currently have 9 decimal places. This did not initially cause any issues however as we got listed on multiple exchanges we realized we were not able to use as many trading pairs because of the amount of trading pairs. Additionally there was ALOT of volume that was never reported due to the custom pairs sUSDT & DECL to allow people to trade our token. Having less decimals will remove that problem which will lead to more pairs, more volume. and more efficient trading.

3. Liquidity

Our growth was stunted by the whole V1 / V2 fiasco on PCS. Some would sell on V2 with less liquidity which would lower the price more than selling on V1. This was one of the many complications with the whole V1/V2. By migrating the contract we will be able to have everything in V2 which will make everything much smoother

4. Novelty

Alot has changed since we first launched. Our new contract will have more bells and whistles than our original one and will allow the team to be much more effective at making an impact and also allow us to do buy-backs and burns.

Hold your tokens! All old tokens will be able to be swapped for new ones once we have migrated to the new contract. We have partnered with P2PB2B and Hotbit to do this and we will keep you updated.

Cryptocurrency Use Cases

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics on the internet right now. With the value of cryptocurrencies increasing every day, more and more investors are showing interest in purchasing crypto. As many seasoned investors know, trading is not the only use case of cryptocurrencies.

Unlike other digital assets, cryptocurrencies have several uses in a vast array of fields. The current use cases include everything from enterprise software to torrent downloads. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best use cases of crypto available in the market.

Cryptocurrency Use Cases

1. Trading and Staking

This is the most popular use case for any cryptocurrency. Many new investors only participate in trading and staking the coins to gain more profits. Trading a cryptocurrency can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to exchange it for a different cryptocurrency. For instance, many people exchange their USDT for either BTC or ETH.

Staking is somewhat similar to trading. In staking, you stake your coins to gain rewards once the project is done. If you find the right coin to stake, the rewards could be in thousands of dollars. Staking is not available on all cryptocurrency platforms. Even though the companies decide where to launch their tokens, many new tokens are starting the staking phase on Binance.

2. Shopping

Shopping with cryptocurrency has been a dream for crypto investors ever since they entered the market back in the early 2010s. This dream was made true by Paypal. You can use PayPal to pay with cryptocurrency when you’re shopping. This new way of shopping makes the whole process much more accessible and convenient.

Even though not many international corporations are accepting crypto, several local retailers and restaurateurs recognized the potential in crypto and started accepting crypto payments during the final years of the last decade.

3. Charity

Do you know that you can use cryptocurrency to donate to someone and make the world a better place? Several cryptocurrency communities like Dogecoin and Ethereum have come forward to help the underprivileged by using their crypto.

Recently, some cryptocurrencies have been developed specifically to enable donations to noble causes. One of those cryptocurrencies is Paws. Paws helps people from all over the world in contributing to animal shelters and adoption houses through a centralized platform. Even though it is still in its initial stages, it has already started to attract some diamond hands.

4. Development

You can use cryptocurrencies like Ether to develop a project on their blockchain networks. If you’re a blockchain developer who wants to get in on the action, crypto is the way to go.

New cryptocurrencies are also introducing a platform for developers to build on. Cardano Ada is another prominent blockchain platform.

5. Tipping and Gaming

Almost all popular streamers on the internet accept tips in cryptocurrency. If your favorite streamer is streaming, you can head on there and tip them some crypto as a token of your gratitude.

Several NFT games allow you to spend some crypto to gain NFTs. NFTs, or Non Fungible tokens, are deemed pretty valuable, depending on the rarity of the collection.

5 Cryptos to Check Out

Even though it has been more than ten years since the release of bitcoin, it is still leading the charts. However, if you’re a new to the crypto space and don’t have the budget or the risk management system in place, bitcoin may not be the best cryptocurrency for you.

Although there are some potential cryptocurrencies you can invest in other than bitcoin. These coins include the popular ones like Ethereum and the less known coins with great potential like Ada and 1Inch. In this article, we will uncover some potential cryptocurrencies to look out for.

Five Cryptocurrencies to Look out for

1. Ether

Ether is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of all time. Even though it’s second on the list of cryptocurrencies, there is a huge price difference between ether and BTC. This offers new customers with a medium budget a great chance to invest without taking much risk. Ether is the governance token of the Ethereum network. The network will launch ETH 2.0 soon, and the price is expected to increase a lot after the release.

Ether is also available for purchase and trading on almost every major trading platform, from Binance to Bittrex.

2. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a hot potato in today’s crypto space. With unexpected returns and support from major backers like Elon Musk, dogecoin became one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the past few months.

The best thing about dogecoin is that its current value is pretty low. If you’re starting with a low budget and want to gain huge profits, dogecoin could be of interest.

3. Paws

Paws is a unique cryptocurrency that’s focused on helping animal shelters and adoption agencies. The primary goal of this project is to bring all the people together(virtually, of course) and provide them with a platform to donate to a charity of their choice.

If you want to do some good with your cryptocurrency, Paws is currently one of the best cryptos to look at.

4. Cardano Ada

Cardano Ada is gaining more and more popularity in the community every day. Many people consider the coin as the ETH killer. However, there is still a lot of time before the coin can reach the potential value of ether.

Developers prefer Cardano, especially for its ease of usage and low cost. If you’re a blockchain developer interested in creating apps on a new network, this may just be the coin for you.

5. Uniswap

Uniswap is another exciting investment opportunity for new investors. It is the governance token of the Uniswap network. The Uniswap network makes it easier for the users to exchange Ethereum 20 (ERC-20) tokens.

Recently, the Uniswap organization deployed the Uniswap V3 network, which is attracting a lot of new investors. The coin gained around 1200% in the last year and is expected to grow more this year.