Migration of PAWS

As you already know, PAWS will be migrating it’s contract! We are excited to do this in order to help PAWS reach it’s Full potential

4 Reasons we are Migrating

1. Ticker

One of the biggest issues we have run into is having people confuse PAWS(Animal Adoption Advocacy) with PAWS (Paws-fund). This leads people to sometimes invest in the wrong token and generates unnecessary confusion. We will be rebranding under a new ticker to remove any and all confusion

2. Decimal Places

We currently have 9 decimal places. This did not initially cause any issues however as we got listed on multiple exchanges we realized we were not able to use as many trading pairs because of the amount of trading pairs. Additionally there was ALOT of volume that was never reported due to the custom pairs sUSDT & DECL to allow people to trade our token. Having less decimals will remove that problem which will lead to more pairs, more volume. and more efficient trading.

3. Liquidity

Our growth was stunted by the whole V1 / V2 fiasco on PCS. Some would sell on V2 with less liquidity which would lower the price more than selling on V1. This was one of the many complications with the whole V1/V2. By migrating the contract we will be able to have everything in V2 which will make everything much smoother

4. Novelty

Alot has changed since we first launched. Our new contract will have more bells and whistles than our original one and will allow the team to be much more effective at making an impact and also allow us to do buy-backs and burns.

Hold your tokens! All old tokens will be able to be swapped for new ones once we have migrated to the new contract. We have partnered with P2PB2B and Hotbit to do this and we will keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “Migration of PAWS

  • This is all great but Hotbit is garbage as it relates to any token using tokenomics as they steal all tokenomics rewards. Having to move old tokens to hotbit for exchange and then moving back away from hotbit can and will be expensive. Just a thought

  • James Robertson says:


    My transaction for PAWs today resulting in nothing being returned to my MetaMask. I had no idea you were in a 14 day no trading. How can I get my PaWs of BNB back?


  • u was saying will come bk on friday on twitter but now i say no twitter account is shoeing when will start trading i stuck my 10 thousand pounds ? r u gone is this fraud ?

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