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PAWS’ Primary goal is to help streamline the donations towards animal shelters, conservation, and charities through a centralized platform that guarantees the authenticity of the organizations.

Making the whole donate process more transparent, easier for you, and also present you with credible choices.

How we Work

We strive to provide the world with an easy to use, functional and meaningful cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency for charity donation. A coin that can reach across borders and barriers to quickly and securely provide support where it is needed most.

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Find animal Charities and Orphanages that have been Vetted by the PAWS team for authenticity. With a variety of choices you can find the organization that best fits you.

Choose trustworthy organizations to support

Adopt a Cutie

By adopting a furry friend, you will be changing the life of a homeless pet and taking part in a lifesaving movement.

Support Wildlife

Help equip wildlife rangers, deploy sniffer dogs, and train law enforcement officers to stop wildlife crime.

Save our Species

Your help will promote anti-poaching and help to safe guarding the natural environment.

About PAWS

PAWS is a utility token created by Animal Adoption Advocacy, LLC. We believe that the PAWS token and PAWS platform has the potential to increase awareness for animal well-being and make a long-lasting impact on our environment.

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Is my donation tax deductible?

All companies Endorsed by PAWS team are 501c3’s. They are tax deductible. Animal Adoption Advocacy is an LLC, direct donations made to us are not tax deductible; The team is currently discussing ways to make track tax deductible and non-deductible donations for all users prior to release of the PAWs APP

How much do recipients get?

Once the PAW app is developed, 90% of direct donations will go to the selected charity/orphanage. The remaining 10% will be used for processing fees and maintenance/development of the app. Additionally, 50% of all profits from purchases made through the PAWS App will go to the charity/orphanage selected by the buyer or the PAWS team.

What are the tokenomics?

4% of all transactions will be reflected to current holders. 4% of all transactions will be added to the locked liquidity pool. LP is locked for 3 years. After unlock, funds will be put in whichever exchange(s) require the most liquidity. Additionally, a raffle will be held for all holders of PAWS Certified NFTs using a minimum of 7% but no more than 10% of the funds stored in the LP. If at that time there are no holders of PAWS Certified NFTs, 10% of LP funds will be given to a Wildlife Trust.

How PAWS support causes?

Animal Adoption Advocacy has developed a proprietary method that involves multiple layers of analysis to determine the trustworthiness and effectives of a non-profit in order to determine if it is a good fit for our mission.

How will tokens be allocated?

How will tokens be allocated

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